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Improvisation Program

The complete set of 3 DVD videos (almost 5 full hours), 218 pg. Manual and 1 Rhythm CD for only:


Right Hand Finger Power

Master finger technique
518 page manual
for only:

$ 59.95


Perfect Picking

Master picking techniques
345 page manual
for only:

$ 59.95

Interval Program

Unison to the 17th interval
370 page manual
for only:

$ 59.95

Triad and Triad Voicings

Amazing Chord Sounds
350 page manual and
DVD for only:

$ 59.95




$ 59.95



$ 59.95



Sight Reading

Links to download 10 CDs of included audio tracks will be provided upon purchase.

$ 119.95

10 Pentatonic Scales

Links to download CD of included audio tracks will be provided upon purchase.

$ 49.95



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